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We listen to you with care to assess your company's level of tribunal risk, before offering you clear advice in simple terms so you can:

  • Understand why you must be careful managing staff, as any small oversight can lead to a tribunal.
  • Discover how to update your policies and company handbook.
  • Gain the tools to look after your biggest asset–your people–and improve underperforming staff.

How a bad employee can cost you £30,000

Anyone in your team can make a tribunal claim against you

Since tribunal fees were banned, claims against UK employers have soared by a staggering 90%. Some of them genuine, others... not so much.

But someone trying their luck with a claim against you doesn't mean you'll win, either. If you choose a local team of non-specialists for legal support, prepare to pay average unfair dismissal costs of:

  • Legal fees
  • Settlement
  • Total damage




And that doesn't take into account the days, weeks and months–even years–of stress while you try to keep your business afloat.

So, we're offering UK employers like you a better layer of legal protection. Start with a free tribunal risk check-up for your business. After all, it takes just one bad employee to make a claim.

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Peninsula gives small and fast-growing businesses a 24-hour support network, helping to solve any HR or employment law problem.

Our total employment tribunal protection gives you the confidence to manage your people in a way that's fair for your people, safe for your business, and simple for you.

It's why we're trusted by over 35,000 businesses in the UK and Ireland. Discover how we'll help you.

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